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19/52 On colour theory

Take the colour blue. Then add the colours black and white. (Yes, yes, okay. The ‘shades’ black and white. I know.)

Now use them to make the colour red.

Impossible? Nope. Not according to colour theory.

If you’d asked me 3 years ago what ‘colour theory’ was I would have looked at you blankly. I’d never heard of such a thing.

Enter Miss now-16 and her older sister, both dedicated artists for these same three years (well, longer, actually).

And now I know – well, to be honest, I still can’t define ‘colour theory’ exactly… but I know – it exists because it’s the reason why blue and black and white can make red.

So this image in my Facebook feed, although super-cool, is no longer the ‘what? how?! that’s not possible’ reaction that it used to be.


(If you zoom in, you’ll realise that there’s no ‘red’ in this picture. There’s only blue, black, and white. Crazy, hey?!)

Apparently it has to do with the way the brain perceives colours. Place black beside blue, then contrast it with white beside blue, and HEY PRESTO! Red!

Phenomenally cool.

And even more awesome is that my daughters are still happy to teach me stuff 🙂

Have a family-filled week yourself, dear Reader!

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