Random thoughts

Grateful beyond measure!

I very rarely drive my husband’s Camry. Something to do with writing off his last one. In my defence, no-one’d ever told me that you don’t keep on driving when in a hailstorm! But it is what it is, so I don’t drive it much.

The other week was an exception though. It was my father-in-law’s birthday lunch, my husband was working for the day, and I needed to transport myself with my three cherubs and my Mum to the party. And so we swapped cars; Ian took the Hilux and I used his Camry.

And of course, that was the cue.

Not really how I expected the trip to go. Praise God for the angels that must have been pushing the car along, to get to the Bruce Highway off-ramp and safe!

Two hours later, we made it to the party.

Note to self: stop driving Ian’s car!

Have an accident-free month yourself, dear Reader 🙂

  • KRidwyn