Random thoughts

Decisions, decisions…

I need a new phone. This 6S I’m currently typing on works well… as long as there’s a charging cord and a power source handy. And I don’t let the gbattery drop less than 80%. And the charging cord is the specific one I bought just two weeks ago.

I love having a working phone. It’s the conditions on its ability to remain working that are getting to be more of a nuisance than I’m prepared to deal with. Two battery changes and two new charging cords in the past three months? And that constant feeling of anxiety because heaven forbid I not be contactable…

Nope. I’m done. Meaning a new phone for me… hence the dilemma. Which one?

I was really happy with my 6S, bought two years ago. Up until one drop too many and the battery problems started. And I was also happy with the 4S I owned before that. So should I ‘Apple’ again? Or try Android? I’m going to have to think about this for a bit.

What would you suggest?

And have a fantastic day, dear Reader! (‘day’ because I’m blogging again tomorrow. Seeing as it’s December 25, tomorrow marks the commencement of #blog12daysXmas. So I’ll see you then!)

– KRidwyn

Update: Ummm… yes, well. That ‘joining in with #blog12daysxmas’ didn’t seem to work too well. Oh well. Oops!