#AtoZchallenge #blogjune Random thoughts

Choose well today :)

So it’s the first Monday of May. April’s #AtoZchallenge is behind me; #blogJune is looming. This month, the in-between month, is one where I’m thinking that I might just slow down; change the tempo a bit. Take it easier, and set this blog to ‘cruise’ mode.

Make it pictorial even!

To that end, I’ve decided to post some screenshots which I have used as Lock Screen images recently. Phrases which spoke to me, or images which delighted me.

Today’s was stolen from a friend on Facebook. She has started her own business, and is busy inspiring me with how productive and how successful she is. And she posted this image, and I loved it, so I’ve stolen it and want to share it with you here.


And have a great week, dear Reader!