#AtoZchallenge Day 1 – my most fun ‘A’ tongue-twister

My theme for 2018’s  #AtoZchallenge is… tongue twisters. Fun, yes?

(And my hope is that these posts will be quick to write, because yanno: work  and family and housework and writing and FOR CRYING OUT LOUD GIRL, CAN’T YOU JUST FOCUS ON THE BOOK ALREADY!)

So Day 1 – A. Created by yours truly because I couldn’t think of or find a good one that I liked 🙂

Ancient Aaron anchors enchanted Candy’s anger.

Hope you liked it! And have a great day, dear Reader 🙂

– KRidwyn

[The #AtoZchallenge is a daily blogging challenge which has been running for quite a few years now, with hundreds of participants worldwide. Blogging happens each day in April except Sundays, and on each letter of the alphabet, starting at A and finishing with Z.]