My #AtoZchallenge theme for 2018…

Tongue-twisters! Who doesn’t enjoy a good tongue-twister, huh?

So, get set for 26 of them; one for each letter of the alphabet. And yes, I’m anticipating that certain letters of the alphabet might indeed get rather tricky (here’s looking at you, ‘x’!) but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens at day 22/23 or so…

Anyway, wish me luck! And have a great week, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn

[The #AtoZchallenge is a daily blogging challenge which has been running for quite a few years now, with hundreds of participants worldwide. Blogging happens each day in April except Sundays, and on each letter of the alphabet, starting at A and finishing with Z.]

2 replies on “My #AtoZchallenge theme for 2018…”

Your theme will be so much fun – can’t wait to see what tongue twisters you come up with. Are you writing them yourself or sharing ones you find?
Good luck with the challenge!

Hi Claire, and thanks for your well-wishes! Yes, I’m looking forward to it. I was originally thinking that I might share ones I find – but then again, I might be inspired to try writing a few of my own in there too! Hopefully the ones I write won’t be *too* cringe-worthy. I’d love to know what you think of them! And thanks again 🙂

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