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Sixty-six percent is a LOT

The school my cherubs attend runs annual camps, from Year Four (9 year olds) onwards. The upper Primary camps occur in Week 7 of Term 1 – which meant that last Thursday night, both Miss10 and Master9 slept away from home.

Having fewer children sleeping under my roof than not, felt WEIRD with a capital everything!

It made me notice just how ‘normal’ having three-cherubs-who-are-with-me-24/7 had become, because two out of three were away and their absence was keenly felt.

And yet, it didn’t seem that long ago that Hubby and I were childless! So how does that work? When we’d blithely bumble along throughout our evening, not wondering ‘what they’re doing’ or ‘if they’re okay’ because there simply wasn’t a ‘they’ to wonder about! A different time, yes – but, just as easily, a path which we could still have been on, had we chosen to remain on it, and not have children.

The choices we make, huh? How different our lives would be!

Because sixty-six percent of my children is an awful lot to be missing.

And I speak from experience here. I hadn’t realised this fact earlier. But definitely something to ponder now! Along with paths, choices, and what this all means for my future decisions…

Anyway, enough rambling. Here’s wishing you a wonderful week, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn