I blogged in December about my 2017 Goodreads challenge: that I’d set myself a goal of 156 books, or 3 books a week.

And I mentioned how far behind I’d fallen, and was determined to read pretty much non-stop until I’d completed the challenge.

But then I went to Rainbow Beach for 10 days – and a second holiday for 4 days after that.

So the upshot of my resolution was: 77 books read in 2017.

Plus, I read the Bible daily, with the aim of reading whichever version I’ve chosen, in its entirety, by December 31. But somehow I’d miscalculated the number of chapters I’d need to read each day, and so by the end of the year, had only read to the end of the book of Acts. Whoops…

So if I add the 44 Biblical books I’d read to the 77 non-Biblical ones, that makes 121 for the year. Plus there were several I’d finished which weren’t able to be recorded because they weren’t on Goodreads. Still not quite the full 156… but then again, maybe it’s not that important to always win, is it? In the grander scheme of things, it’s really No Big Deal.

My 2018 challenge will remain unchanged though. Three books a week; that’s do-able, isn’t it?

We’ll see…

And have a great week, dear Reader!