So I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now

It’s a prayer. One I try to pray daily, for each person in my family, and I’d like to share it today with you, dear Reader 🙂 

(And just a quick note, although I’m writing ‘he’, I also mean ‘she’ for any female Readers out there!)

Father God, I pray for my Reader today.

I pray that he might look to You for leading, and guidance.

I pray that he might seek Your will, to walk right in the centre of it, all day long.

I pray that he might rely on Your wisdom, Your understanding, Your strength, Your courage, Your discernment and Your resilience.

I pray that He might recommit himself to you, for the rest of this day, this week, this month, and this year. Help him Lord, to shine Your light into the lives of those around him. And please Lord, surround him with Your angels; keep him safe, if that’s Your will.

Father, I ask that he might draw near to You, even as You have drawn near to him.

Lord, I ask that today, my Reader might be aware of Your presence with him. I pray he might be eager to be in Your presence, he might desire Your company, and that he might be greedy for Your time and Your attention. 

Lord, I pray that he might walk lock-step through the day with you, so that by the end of it when he looks back, he might know himself happy, and blessed, because of who You are, and what You’ve done – for him, and in him, and through him.

Lord, I ask that if the path before him is crooked, please Father, help him to straighten it. If the path before him is crooked, please Father, help him to smooth it. If the path before him is treacherous today, please Lord, enlarge his feet lest he stumble, and harm befall him or others around him. 

Lord, I ask that the decisions before my Reader today might be wise ones, might honour You, and Lord, if it’s Your will, I pray that these decisions might be easy for him to make, and follow through with. 

Lord, I ask that my Reader might be a good wife or husband; a good mother or father, a good daughter or son. Help him to be a good boss for his staff, a good employee of his workplace, a good colleague to his peers and a good friend to all.

Help him to be a good teacher of others today Lord, and a good student of theirs too. Help him to be a good ambassador for You today, and a good steward of the talents and  responsibilities You have entrusted to him.

Father, I pray that You might be with him and bless him today. Bless the work of his hands. Strengthen him to do Your will. Bind him together with his family and all of his loved ones, and draw them all into Your presence today Lord, I pray.

In Jesus’ name,