Today is Friday the 16th of June.

It’s the 16th day of #blogJune.

And this is my sixteenth post.

Yes, that’s correct, dear Reader – I am, indeed, on track.

I am puzzled as to how this is so. I didn’t think I would be in this position: of being ‘up to date’ with my blog posts; especially seeing as the new job is so incredibly demanding! (‘It’s 10.50pm and I’m just sitting down’ kind of demanding.)

However, this is, indeed, the case. I am, however strangely, keeping up – and although I *know* I’m incredibly proud of myself, I’m also a little bemused.

After all, if I could be keeping up now, why on Earth couldn’t I keep the #blogJune thing happening in previous years, when I wasn’t anywhere NEAR as busy as I am right now?

Something to ponder, I guess.

Have a great day, dear Reader!