It’s Saturday. 1.22pm. I’m sitting in my bedroom, on my window seat, the sun streaming through and warming my back.
It’s winter and I don’t like winter. I don’t like the cold. Correction: I can cope mighty fine with cold weather if I have a seat in the sun, out of the breeze, and still be warm.
Self-diagnosed with SAD, that’s me. You’ve heard of it? ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’: a mood disorder, or type of depression, that’s related to the change in seasons.
Just now, my warming sun has hidden her face behind a cloud. I wait – impatiently – for her to re-emerge, and contemplate the bed, my doona, and electric blanket while I wait. (I worked this morning, in a cold cold place and my toes haven’t yet begun to thaw, you see…)

Ha. The sun has brightened, and with it, my smile. Oh! That it could remain bright and warm for several hours. I could be happy with that.

What makes you happy, dear Reader?

– KRidwyn