Who dares, wins…

A black poster graced my bedroom wall as a teenager. Centred on the poster was a photo of a breaking wave. The words underneath said, “Follow your dreams”.
At around the same time, I first heard the phrase, “if you’re not on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.”

Both these slogans were probably influential in shaping the type of person I am today.

I dare. Therefore, I win. Even if I don’t: the experience is invaluable.

I try.

At times, I succeed. Not always though. And that’s okay. Every experience, winning or not, is a learning one. Hopefully there are more winning moments than losing ones, but even if there aren’t, no matter. The fun is in the journey.

Miss12 and Miss9 played in a chess tournament yesterday: seven games in a day-long competition.

Miss12’s scores: Win, win, loss, win, win, win, draw.

Miss9’s scores: win, loss, win, win, loss, loss, win.

Miss12 placed 6th out of 82, Miss9 31st out of well over 100.

They were happy with that; I was ecstatic.

Yes, there were tears at times- it was a veritable emotional rollercoaster of a day. But by the end, happiness and an immense sense of achievement. 

They dared. They won.

There’s a lesson in that…

Have a great day, dear Reader!

– KRidwyn