Temperature and mood

I’m a fan of summer. Give me a blazing hot sun over chilly wind fingers that find the smallest gaps in your clothes; long lazy days at the beach over grey days where you never feel warm, no matter how many the layers; blue skies and sunshine over drizzle and rain and dreariness that makes the greyness felt eternal.

The beach in winter? Not my favourite place. If I could, I’d stay in bed until the sun’s heat strengthened again and the days were long enough to enjoy it.

[I find it amusing that George R. R. Martin seems to have capitalised on the whole seasons concept, and no-one can remark on the passing of autumn without recalling the Stark motto. As a former marketer, that is just GENIUS!]

Today is May 23rd. Just a few more days until Winter is official. It seems a long stretch until the middle of Spring, when I know from experience that I’ll be able to chart my happiness levels with each incremental increase on a thermometer.

At least there’s #blogJune to look forward to. And the eventual availability of GOT Season 6 DVD here in Australia too, I guess.

How about you? Does the change in season affect your mood as well?

Keep warm, everyone!