Predicting ‘the game’

I’m not a big sports fan. In fact, I’m not a fan at all. Sorry!

I realised that the second State of Origin was on tonight because of what colours people had worn to work today, but promptly forgot again after. Later tonight, when violin teaching, my student was also wearing the maroon jersey and was incensed that I wasn’t following the series.

I told him that I knew who would win. “Oh yeh, you think the Blues will win tonight, to set it up for the third game being the decider,” he said.

I said maybe, maybe not. “But NSW will win the 2015 series,” I said. 

He almost fell over. 

But, I reasoned, they have to. If QLD won 8 years in a row, then NSW won in 2014, and QLD wins again in 2015, the whole State of Origin event will start to  lose sponsorship, I reckon. I mean, who will want to keep on shell out the big dollars when the outcome is going to be pretty much predictable? There’s no way the organisers would want QLD to win the series this year. As much as they may say otherwise.

I then compared it to ‘King of the Mountain’, which again, I don’t follow, but have heard many people say, “Don’t bother. You know that it’s either going to be Ford or Holden” and I think that the State of Origin is in danger of going the same way.

So, my prediction for the night? Yes, NSW may indeed win. ‘Set it up for a decider’. And I also believe that it’s more than likely they’ll win the series. Because really, they’re pretty much going to have to.

Anyway, that’s my tuppence for you. In case you were interested…