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Earlier in the week, I mentioned that Hubby and I were doing our gradings tomorrow, for Krav Maga. And that I’d be training a bit this week.

I did.

Two hour training sessions on Monday night, Tuesday night, and last night. Not Wednesday, because I teach violin, then join in the weekly #WritingRace run by Australian Writers Marketplace Online; and not a huge one tonight because I really don’t want t be sore for tomorrow. But I tell you what, I’ve definitely noticed a change in me this week!

For one, I’ve barely had time to sit at my computer and write up a blog post each day – so I haven’t 🙁 And I’ve been sleeping deeper – dreaming again – and feeling fitter and healthier and more confident that I may possibly pass at this tomorrow.

Another outcome of this week is that Miss10 has decided to give me spontaneous back massages. And they’re really, very, very nice!

You see, as a violinist, I have a perpetually sore left shoulder / neck. Because I wasn’t taught to hold my violin correctly, or maybe I got into some bad habits, but basically I use my neck and back muscles incorrectly. Meaning that I have constant knots in my muscles on my left side, especially around my shoulder blade.

And this week, with the workouts, I was worried that I’d overdo it (I’m stupid like that) and strain the muscles even more. But the opposite has happened. Not only did I *not* overstrain my muscles (yay me!) but also Miss 10’s massages have relaxed me more. (New thought: perhaps that’s why I’m sleeping better!)

I’m quite happy with that. Not about the lack of blog posts on Tuesday and Thursday, but the feeling more relaxed, stronger, fitter, etc etc.

Now all I need to do is pass tomorrow.

Wish me luck, dear reader!

— KRidwyn