#blogjune Random thoughts Review


Thanks, readers, for all the birthday love yesterday! I might be sick and sore from coughing, and voiceless due to the pesky nodule on my vocal cords that’s decided to act up again at the moment, but I am incredibly grateful for friends online and IRL who have blessed me with their wishes and honoured me with their thoughts and prayers for my birthday. I even spent the good part of an hour with my older brother in New York, yesterday morning! He was talking, I was wheezing and coughing -but it was brilliant!

I also finished Stephen King’s On Writing last night, and now am more determined than ever to work at this craft of writing. It was inspirational stuff. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you do. The clarity and conciseness with which he explains concepts and describes processes (and passages of prose, of course) is unparalleled, in my research on this topic to date. 

And now, today. I’m feeling better, my head is less fuzzy and I’ve done some much- needed housework. It’s Monday, but a public holiday. It’s sunny. And not particularly windy. So Hubby’s taken two of the three cherubs out fishing, meaning it’s quieter than normal at home – not that they’re noisy kids anyway, for which I’m very happy.

But the rest of today awaits. So I might just go embrace it with all the energy I can muster. 

Have a great one yourselves today, folks!

— KRidwyn