#blogjune Random thoughts

So it happened again.

It’s early morning. 1.57am, to be precise. June 6. And my house is now vomit free- again.

I’ve blogged before about how the first week of #blogJune has weirdly been marked by kids vomiting. And I was congratulating myself, late last night, on the fact that I’d almost made it through the week, and perhaps it wouldn’t happen again this year… whoops.

So I’ve just spent the best part of an hour cleaning up Miss7. Cleaning up her pyjamas (and singlet and socks). Cleaning her hair. Cleaning the toilet seat and the toilet floor, the hallway (of course, her bedroom is the farthest away, so I mean the *whole* hallway,) and cleaning the carpet in her room. Thank God she’s now 7, otherwise I’d still be cleaning her bedding and her huge collection of stuffed toys… Lucky she’s  now clever enough to know to move, and move fast!

But still, I don’t like cleaning vomit at 1 o’clock in the morning. Especially when I thought that I was going to get out of it this year. But oh well. That’s life, I guess. And hopefully there’ll be no more vomit-cleaning now, until the first week of June next year. (Please, Lord, please!)

Weird how they only vomit this week. But perhaps I shouldn’t say that. I’ll jinx it.

And now that I think about it, maybe cleaning and mopping my floors on Thursday afternoon was perhaps pushing my luck just a little bit??!

Note to self: don’t clean the house until June 8th next year.