So I succumbed.

I have laryngitis. Didn’t make it through the three days of teaching. I’m thinking that perhaps It was the two choir rehearsals yesterday was the clincher. But that’s okay, I’ll live.

 I’m remembering all the things you can’t do when you have no voice. Like make phone calls to the doctors office to make appointments. Like be heard by others when they call out to you from another room – you need to walk up beside them and whisper or write your answer. I’m even unable to ‘read the manuscript aloud, to hear it’ so there goes that stage of the editing process that I was hoping to get done today! (Whispering is one of the worst things you can do when you have laryngitis, did you know? Because it dries out the vocal cords, and they need to be moist. So even though it’s tempting to whisper everything – at least, people can hear you – it’s actually best to rest the voice completely and drink lots of water.)

So anyway, I have no voice. For the next little while, at least. Oh well. I guess it’s lucky I have a blog and #blogjune – there’s more than one way to be heard!

Have a great day, dear reader!


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