Looking backwards, looking forwards

A child cried at 12.23am. I got up – each first week of #blogjune has been a time when at least one of my children has caught a vomiting bug – but it was a bad dream cry, and Mr6 fell back into a deeper sleep without waking up again.

But I was awake, and so was my brain. Not so good for someone who’s prone to regular episodes of insomnia.

So I thought about my day yesterday. I thought about my plans for it – not lose my voice, edit another ten chapters,  do some more research – and how they went down the crapper when lazy Ceridwyn sat on the couch with the TV remote during the cherubs’ dinner time. (In my defense, I still have some voice. – Thank you @stitchsarah for your protip yesterday, it worked! – And I was exhausted. And sick. I didn’t even do my workout that I try to do each Tuesday evening.)

But that means that I’m not yet where I wanted to be. And that makes me not as happy as I’d like. But then I remembered that it’s Wednesday today. And I love Wednesdays!!!

Why? Because at 8pm, I’ll be racing. Just me on my computer, together with 20 or so other writers around Australia on their computers, in the weekly Writing Race, hosted through Facebook by the Australian Writers Marketplace Online. We each do completely our own thing, and use Facebook to keep tabs on each other, spur each other on and encourage one another both during and after the race. It’s fantastic. The writing highlight of my week. I’d encourage anyone who’s a writer to join in. (And yes, I’m looking at you right now, @LibrarianCat!)

I also thought about #blogjune, and how happy I was to be blogging regularly again – and I realised that this blogging challenge is just like a Wednesday night #WritingRace – just longer, and with more people. We do exactly the same thing: start together; finish together; do our own thing in the meantime; and use social media to keep tabs on each other, spur us all on, and encourage one another. I love it! Yesterday, I was inspired by posts such as Kim’s on Library leadership, and found Andrew’s take on the religious demographics in Europe’s newest international city both interesting and informative, just two examples of the many that intrigue me, encourage me, and broaden my mind each day during June. Thanks, my friends, for being such interesting people – and for sharing your lives with me and others!

So, back in bed again, warm and cozy, and wondering just how many chapters I can get edited in one hour, I fell asleep again. Oh, and also, I’d planned this post. Good use of time, hey!

Well, have a great day, dear reader!

— KRidwyn

2 replies on “Looking backwards, looking forwards”

yay for unlost voices! So glad that tip was helpful.

Also: you can’t be labelled “lazy” when you’re exhausted. That’s restorative resting 🙂

Thanks , Sarah. I like that phrase: ‘restorative resting’! And yes, I *may* have been exhausted (last night’s lack of sleep isn’t helping me to remember) but it may also have been the excuse that I was telling myself, to get out of exerting myself when I could have been. Oh well. It’s done now. Thanks for your tip though! And your comment 🙂

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