Where I’ve been

Good morning, dear reader!

So I was thinking last night, if I’m planning on blogging again regularly (thanks to @JamesFirth8 for his encouragement in this!) it might do to explain a little bit about where I’ve been. I mean, I started this blog back in December 2010, with the #blog12daysxmas challenge, with some wonderful online friends in the LIS world. I’ve tried doing this challenge each year since then, and the #blogeverydayofJune – which later became #blogJune – as well, to varying degrees of success, depending on how busy my life was at the time. And, for some strange reason, how sick my kidlets were. It was weird. The first week of June, they got vomiting bugs. Fun. Not. I also changed from to – and with that has also come some technical problems that are still in the ‘fix me’ stage.

So anyway, reading back through my posts for the past 4+ years, there have been some good blogging seasons, and some woeful ones. The last year, in particular, was pretty tragic when it came to posting regularly. Reasons for this were:

– completing my Masters in IT, majoring in Library and Information Science. Woot! It’s done!!! I’m a qualified Librarian 🙂 🙂 🙂

– three children under 9. Which is a pleasurable reason why I didn’t post, but still a reason nonetheless. For first time readers, my eldest is dsylexic with Irlen syndrome, and my youngest has autism. Read the June-ish posts from a couple of years ago to see my rollercoaster ride dealing with *that* particular diagnosis!

– two jobs, which together were about 8 days worth of work. Crammed into 6 days, so that I could fit study / life etc in there as well;

– wrapping up my Marketing business, and all that *that* particular endeavour involved; and

– building a 5 room extension onto our tiny shoebox of a house. And yes, 5 rooms sounds excessive. But it’s actually indicative of the very few numbers of rooms that we had in the first place!


So now, we’re mid-April of 2015. I’m doing just one job – teaching music – and I’m not studying, and the extension is done (almost) and we’re in the moving in stage. Which has left me time to write. Woohooo!!!

But writing, dear reader, will need to be another post. Kids beckon, and life is going to be busy today.

See you tomorrow, dear reader!

— KRidwyn

PS JoJo Connors, you mentioned that you weren’t able to add a comment to yesterday’s blog post? Sorry about that! That’s probably a bug in the settings on the site. Something that I’m *hoping* might get fixed today 🙂 🙂 🙂

PPS Something Miss10 drew yesterday – a dragon to illustrate the book I’m writing. So proud of her! Isn’t it good!!!