momentous events

June 6. That’s my deadline.

Hello again, dear readers!

People who know me IRL or who follow the inane stuff I post onFacebook or on twitter would probably have noticed that I’m writing at the moment. As in, yes, I am┬átyping at this exact point in time, but that’s not what I mean. I mean #writing. As in books. Novel series, to be exact. Numbers of. Yes, that’s probably dumb. But good friends know quite well that that’s just how my brain works. It jumps. Rapidly. And that’s okay with me. I can work on more than one novel at a time, can’t I? That’s what *real* writers do, isn’t it?!

So anyway, yes. I’m writing in earnest. I’ve joined the Beerwah Writers Group that meets every second Friday. Since I discovered the Writing Race hosted by @AWMonline that runs every Wednesday evening, I’ve been ‘racing’. I’m challenging myself with short stories written backwards – as in, write the last sentence. Then write the second last sentence. Then the third last sentence, etc. I’m challenging myself with random tweeted story ideas – just the other week, I caught a tweet “so who’s ever written a story about an Easter egg, really?” (or something along those lines) so I wrote one. I’ve made up Greek Gods and other worlds and old men dying and acid rain puddles. I’ve researched – among other things – Dr. Seuss and butterflies and mustangs (horses, not cars) and Stonehenge and the Himalayas. I’ve found cool thesauri websites. I’ve noticed the HUGE number of tweets about adverbs – both for and against their use. I’m writing, and revising, and editing, and thinking all the time about more and more and more writing.

Which leads me to my deadline. June 6. My plan is to finish Book number 1 by then. It was originally going to be Book number 2, but the original Book number 1 is going to be far more difficult than I had initially thought it would be. so Book number 2 – title withheld on purpose, just in case I jinx it – will be finished by June 6. Of this year. So that I can say,”I finished writing my first book when I was 40.” (That one little day makes all the difference, doesn’t it?!)

So. Just wanted to get that ‘out there’. Confess it; make it a part of the ‘public domain’ knowledge. Just in case anyone cares. And even if they don’t, at least I know that I’ve written it down and hit the ‘Publish’ button on this little website. There’s some accountability. And the more accountability, the better. The more motivated I think I will be. Because right now, April 15, I’m at a little over 8,000 words on this book. And there’s around 30,000 more to go…

Wish me luck, dear readers!