wow – where did *that* go? (#blogJune4)

So my last blog post was day #3 of blogJune. And today’s the 16th, so that’s around two weeks that I’ve lost, yeh? Wow. That went quick!

I remember I was busy with finishing that assignment, and then doing all my reporting for school. And then I got sick. Very sick. I held out until my birthday – yup, I turned 40 in there too somewhere – and then crashed badly. The sickest I’ve been in years! Miss 9 also got sick, which involved a just-past-midnight trip to the local hospital to get an ear infection diagnosed. Silver lining though: the antibiotics bottle was free 🙂 🙂 🙂

So I’m still ill, but on the mend now. Breathing again without it hurting too much, and regaining some semblance of a voice, which is good. But I have 17 classes of kids and 4 rehearsals to run between now and Friday midday, so here’s praying that my voice makes it through to the weekend with me!

Anyway, sorry #blogJune for being so absent. It was the best I could do! And maybe I’ll see you tomorrow?