Gearing up to be a biggie. Again. #blogJune3

It’s 3.27am. The house is quiet – and fairly warm, which is nice, considering it’s the first week of winter. To my right, the glow of last night’s fire is lighting up the legs of the dining table and chairs as some more wood catches and the metal surrounds click, heating up. I’m wide awake. One of those sudden wake-up-calls, where you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you’ll never get back to sleep again, so it’s pointless staying in bed. Especially when you’ve got a mountain-load of things to do. Which may (or may not) be the reason which woke you in the first place.

So. Today is Tuesday, although it feels like a Wednesday because I was at school yesterday – unusual for me; Monday is normally my ‘work from home’ day. (Ha! More like “cram an impossible amount of work in between the hours of 8.30 and 3.30, more like! Been there, mums of young ones?!) but due to this Friday being a school-nominated student free day, I swapped my timetable around (childcare costs are just ridiculous, in my humble opinion) and that has led to my being all out-of-whack. I’ll probably get to school later today and teach the wrong classes all day. Which would be sad – Tuesdays is the day I get to teach Miss 6’s class and Mr 5’s class, so it’s up there as one of the two favourite days of my working week. (Thursday, where I teach Miss 9’s class, is the other).

Tuesday. Teach triple Year 1, triple Prep, then violin this evening. Finish (ha! yeah right!) that assignment that’s due. Think about finishing (Ha! Again) my reporting for school – I think that’s also due this Thursday. Hoo boy. Big day.

I guess I should probably start on some of that now. Wish me luck, dear reader!