Returning to what’s right

Good morning, dear reader! I had a fairly horrid sleep last night. One of those ‘I’m glad it’s over and I can get up now’ kind of nights. What with my younger two children needing me at soon after midnight, and then the dogs non-stop barking at around 2am – which Hubby finally managed to stop sometime around 4 – I kinda feel rather exhausted. Not the best way to start off a Wednesday, which is always my busiest day, work wise! (I’ll need an extra measure of patience today, Lord!)

Speaking of patience and young children, yesterday went well. Which I’m pretty happy about. Here’s hoping that today will be similar!

In 1 Samuel Chapter 7, the Ark of the Covenant returns to a place where it is treated with respect, and guarded by someone consecrated for that job. And the people return to worshipping their God again, and getting rid of the other gods that they had been worshipping and following. And then? The Israelites are freed from being oppressed by the Philistines who had been invading their lands. And how does this happen? By thunder! Miraculous, methinks 😀

I love how blessings follow when we start to do what’s right. We make the decision, and start to follow through on it, and then we notice that things start ‘going right’ for us. I love that. Perhaps it’s our attitude? Maybe it’s just that we’ve chosen to be positive, and seeing things in a new light makes up happier and more hopeful for the future – even if our circumstances haven’t changed at all, or maybe have changed only slightly? It’s as though suddenly we seem to have the ability to cope with more?!

I titled this post ‘returning to what’s right’. Not only because of what the Israelites did in 1 Samuel 7, but also because I think that having that positive attitude should be our default position in life. That we should encourage one another rather than tear each other down. That we should be a pleasure, rather than a pain, to be around. I think that we are all born kinda ‘knowing’ this. Call it conscience, or whatever. Today this is going to be my plan of action. I’m going to return (cos I fail, constantly!) to doing what’s right (treating others with love, respect; they way I’d like them to treat me) and keep checking that my attitude remains one of gratiude.

Here goes! Have a awesome day, dear reader! 🙂

— Ceridwyn