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Of headaches and haircuts

Ever since I can remember, I’ve suffered from headaches. It got worse in my early twenties, and although they subside from time to time, they’re pretty much a regular feature of my life. Rarely, but sometimes, I’ll get those blinding migraines where all I want to do is sit in a very, very quiet, dark corner, and cry non-stop until I no longer feel like sawing my own head off to get rid of the pain. But often my ‘bad’ ones are just the ‘walk slowly, and don’t move your head too much or too quickly’ ones. Ever get them?

Anyway, I’ve always wondered whether or not there’s any correlation between the intensity of my headaches, and the length of my hair. Because I have THICK hair (Mum is Asian) and when it’s long, it’s heavy. Surely the weight of my hair must have some effect? You’d think.

But several times now, when I’ve got to the way-past-my-shoulder-length (like now) and I’ve gone ahead and got my hair cut as short as a boy’s, with the aim of getting rid of continual headaches – well, the haircut has done nothing except to get my neck cold. The headaches continue unabated. And why this drasticness always has to happen in winter, is also beyond me.

So. It’s NOT my hair length, but rather the busyness and intensity of my life and my stress levels that’s doing my head in. Kinda literally. Hence this post. I figured I’d better get some accountability happening, before I go and cut all my hair off again. Because I quite like my hair long. Even though I mostly wear it up in a ponytail like a school girl, and now I’m closing on 40, I should probably wake up and get a real grown-up’s haircut haha!

Have a great day, dear reader!