Life Random thoughts


I have an eight year old daughter. My eldest. An angel. A gorgeous little baby girl.. who’s starting to be a teenager in her attitudes. “Who cares?” and “So what?” are phrases that litter her speech, and she talks back to EVERYTHING. Even my friends are noticing.

Where, oh where, has my little girl gone? Where the happy smiles? The enthusiasm? Whence comes the negativity? And how long will it take before such negativity turns into sarcasm?

She’s no longer a little girl. She’s becoming more of a handful, a person to walk on eggshells around, a big sister who constantly fights with her younger siblings.

It’s sad. Her ‘little girl’ phase is rapidly coming to an end. I loved that phase. I feel, now,as though I never appreciated it fully. Now it’s disappearing. Do I fight this? Rail against the changes I see in her? And really, just how effective would that be, anyway? I’d lose.

I guess I just need to accept it. Time passes, and nothing stays the same, no matter how much we’d like it to.

I must admit, I’m a little excited to see her personality developing, and watch her become the lovely young lady that I hope that she will be…