Of nosebleeds

Wow! Just found the draft I wrote the other day!

Here ’tis the post from Thursday morning:

It’s 4.23am. I’m lying on the floor of Miss8’s room, blogging on my iPhone under the doona. My feet are cold and this floor is rather hard under my shoulder. But I’m pretty happy, all things considered. The opposite of Miss 8, who is in pain from an earache, and still jittery after her first ever nosebleed, and of Hubby, who saw red running from her nose and went straight to ‘panic stations’. Which is fair enough, I guess… but not really what Miss 8 needed!

So. Hubby back in bed (probably to plan out how he’s going to work from home & take Miss 8 to the doctor), Miss 8 cleaned up and lying down, with just one tissue up to her nose (more for comfort than anything else) and I’ve had not many hours sleep and have an early meeting, a full day teaching, then parent teacher interviews tonight.

It’s going to be a long day…


There was more, but that didn’t save to drafts. And I can’t remember it, so I shan’t re-type it. But I’m glad this little bit got saved!

So – I guess *this* was #blogJune post 9 – which means that ‘Sad face’ was post 10, and ‘Time Suck’ was ┬ápost 11 – so now I’m up to number 12, right? Not bad for the 23rd of the month #tounguefirmlyplantedincheek