#blogJune post 10 – time suck

Time. It’s a pretty crazy concept, if you think about it long enough. Well, our perception of it is, anyway. Well, my perception of it is. I guess I can’t really speak for anyone else. Sometimes it seems so incredibly S……L……O…..W….. but at others, it flies by so quickly you can’t remember what you’ve been doing or how indeed you got to where you are already.

I feel like the latter. Most of the time.

Perhaps because, in my marketing job, I’m constantly living ‘in the future’. Planning stuff that will happen. Implementing steps to make it happen. Celebrating when it does happen – but by then, also midway through planning for the next thing – and the next, and the next.

“Live in the moment”? nope. I can’t do it.

And unfortunately, I miss stuff.

And that’s a little sad.