Six hours uninterrupted sleep!!! Not sure the last time *that* happened – maybe a week ago? A fortnight maybe? When I’m this sleep-deprived, keeping track of ‘when things happened’ gets really really fuzzy. I’ll be talking to someone about something which happened about a month ago, and then realise that it was only last week, that kinda thing. A bit embarrassing, really!

But six hours sleep? In a row?! Yup – pretty darn STOKIFIED about *that* one!!! (Maybe it’s only when I’m happy that I make up new words? Hmmm… not sure… again!)

So. I’m feeling alive. Ready to start the day. Ready to get stuff done.

It’s Saturday. 5.24am. The house is quiet – Hubby and three cherubs still asleep. So I’m going to go build a poster for a client, because it’s due at the printers’ inbox before 9am Monday.