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Muddy feet

Well today so far has been entirely unexpected. My computer ran out of battery about a minute after I hit ‘publish’ this morning, and I set it to charge – and around the same time my three cherubs appeared out of their rooms. Breakfast ensued – and just as Mr 4 was lamenting the finishing of the WeetBix, Hubby announced “the men with the tractor are here”.

“Oh crap,” was my first thought. “There goes my day.”

You see, we’d organised for these two men, with their tractor, to come back one weekend, to finish the job of clearing our fence line that they had started a few weeks ago. And although we’d tentatively mentioned this weekend, we had both assumed that due to the torrential rain earlier in the week, and the fact that our block generally takes a good two weeks to drain, that they would not bother.

Not so. Cue frenzied change out of pyjamas, hurried instructions to Miss 8 (she’s an awesome babysitter – especially with ABC2, Playstation2 and Wii available) and even more frenzied un-planting. Yes, another made-up word, to describe the removal of plants previously planted, so that they’re not destroyed by the large machinery tearing up stuff around them. And even though I had *planned* to have everything unplanted by this morning, due to Prep Building Opening reherarsals, Public holidays and Pupil free days, Bank appointments and other general stumbling blocks to my gardening plans, there were a good couple of hundred plants that I wanted to save.

So. It’s now 4.50pm. I’m sitting down for the first time since blogging this morning – and I haven’t yet started on that poster build that I had hoped to finish by midday. Sigh.

Oh – and you should see the block! If it was muddy before, a HEAVY machine rolling all over it for 6 odd hours certainly hasn’t helped! This shot of my feet shows the mud that came *through* my sneakers today!

The fenceline looks good though. Yay.

And I’m guessing that I might get another good night’s sleep tonight… ┬áLOL