Back into it…

This morning was the first ‘staff meeting’ for Bloxham Marketing for the year. 8.30am at Caloundra MacDonalds (so the cherubs could play) and our MacBooks came out & we were back into it for the year. It was AWESOME; it felt at the start (for me at least) that it had been too long of a break, but we quickly settled into our normal rhythm & got a gajillion things planned, organised and underway. It was just SOOOO good!!! Seeing as I’m now teaching three days a week, it’s been more important than ever to get this part of my life up and happening, running like clockwork so that I don’t have to worry about it. And Jenny is absolutely the PERFECT person to entrust this all to. I must admit, I’m feeling very confident now about the direction this business is going after this morning!!!