Day 8 #blog12daysxmas

So today’s New Year’s Day. A day for new beginnings, fresh starts, and clean slates. I absolutely LOVE that idea!
Like most of the planet, I’ll probably make some resolutions today. Start some new things, and hope that I can discipline myself to make them routine, and then habitual. Good things, things that’ll (eventually!) make me a “better person”. That ad springs to mind; the one where the girl says something like, “Now all I have to do is eat better, exercise more, and I’ll be perfectly healthy!” It’s a bit like that, isn’t it. We start the New Year with good intentions… and hope that we make it through to mid-February in keeping them!
Well, I’m also one of those people (yes, call me a coward if you like) who doesn’t share those resolutions. So don’t look to me for any ‘list’ of what I’m going to say that I’ll be doing this year. That’s a little too personal- a little too much accountability for me! But I tell you what; I’ll post them on December 31, 2013, with a report on how I did with the three of them over the course of the year. How’s that sound?
Anyway, I can hear my younger two cherubs stirring, and Miss 7’s up and about already, so I think that I’d better go start being ‘Mum’ again.

My ‘New Year’s Day’ view this morning. Have a great day, dear readers – and Happy New Year!

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What a beautiful sight to wake up to 🙂 Personally, *I* woke up with a bit of a headache and now I get to struggle till 10pm here at work :/

Yes, unfortunately it was self-induced… But in my defence I must be the biggest lightweight possible! 2 pear ciders and a vodka and orange….I’m such a lightweight 😛

Hi Jeanette; thanks for your comments! Yes, I guess it *is* a little like ‘try to not make the same mistake twice’. Perhaps it’s that the turn of one year to another gives many people that incentive to do it for a year, rather than just day-by-day?

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