Day 7 #blog12daysxmas

On the seventh day of Christmas, my family and me…
– started a new routine, hopefully! Violin lessons all round, first up on a Monday morning. Hopefully this’ll last longer than my #selfie #photochallenge…
– Hubby cleaned my car, inside & out. How amazing is my man!!!
– I watched Disc 3 of ‘Once Upon a Time’ series 1, with both special features (commentary over episode). Very interesting to hear Robert Carlisle’s thoughts on it all!
– Went to North Lakes. Cos we could. And,
– Not that it’s happened yet, but I’m planning on waking Miss 7 & watching the fireworks with her at midnight… from the ‘crow’s nest’ section of the cubby house, of course!

Happy New Year, dear readers!!! (and check out my car!)


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Hi Ceridwyn,

I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your Christmas blogs. They bring a smile and joy to me. You have a wonderful way with words.

Wishing you, Ian, and your beautiful children a Joyous and Blessed 2013 surround by God’s Love.

Wendy and Stephen.

Hi Wendy! Thanks SO much for your comments, and please forgive the extremely late reply!
And thank you also for your well-wishes. You are a wonderful friend and I thank God that He arranged our paths to connect (oh so many years ago now!!). Here’s wishing you and Stephen a wonderful 2013 and, God willing, we might also catch up in person before too long!
Thanks again,

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