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A while back now, I used to be a teacher. High school kids mainly, but I’ve taught from Prep through to Uni kids. But it was the High School kids that I enjoyed teaching the most. They were the right age that you could hold a conversation with, logically reason with, argue points of view with, and – if it was a good day – possibly be honoured enough to be a part of expanding their horizons. Witnessing that ‘lightbulb moment’ when a concept they’d been grappling with, finally made sense. SUCH an honour!

Well, some of those kids, at the end of each year, would bring me their Yearbook, and get me to sign the ‘Autographs’ page at the back. It must have been one of the early years of my teaching career that I really worked out what I wanted to say – and then I used the same phrase on each and every child’s book. Because I wished the same, hoped the same, and so gave the same advice, for each and everyone of them.

“Chase your dreams as hard and as far as you can.”

I wonder how many people read that. I wonder how many people remembered it. I wonder if any of them look back at their High School days and think that maybe, just once, someone hoped that they would have the best life they could possibly have.

Dreams are hard. They can be scary. They can drive us, inspire us, or freak us out if we think that maybe, just maybe, if we work that little bit harder, they might actually be within our reach.

How great a feeling it is to have a dream! To have hope!!!

What’s your dream today, dear reader? Whatever it is, my wish today? It’s for you. My advice, the same as I gave my High School treasures, as they set out into the next phase of their lives.

“Chase your dreams as hard and as far as you can.”

Go. Go on. Start chasing.

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Hi Ceridwyn,

Thank you for this post…….This was put on by my teacher in grade 8 in the comments on my report card. Grade eight was my first year ‘in school’. My dear Mum taught we three kids by correspondence school in those days to year eight. I can still remember this teacher and kept in contact with her until she pass away 10days before Mum in August. I was so blessed being able to attend her farewell service in Toowoomba and I was the only one from ‘school’ able to attend this special service. Teaching at Surat was her first post out of college. She found it hard but enjoyed the way we kids got to school – we rode our horses. Back then and school provided paddocks with shade and water for our ‘transport’ while we were in class. She was amazed by this and during our lunch break a few of us girls taught her to ride as this was a dream she was chasing. Amazing lady she was.

So thank you for reminding me to ‘chase your dreams as hard and as far as you can’.

Love to all.


And here I was thinking that I’d made it up! LOL!!!
That’s a lovely story, Wendy; thank you for sharing it! And you’re welcome re the ‘reminder’ – it’s something I’ve been thinking about for myself. Dreams can be hard taskmasters at times, but attaining the dream is SO worth it!!! 🙂
Have an awesome day!

We were ‘treasures’? I thought you would have considered us as little ‘hell-raisers’ sometimes 😛
You were/are an inspirational teacher and if the librarian thing doesn’t work out, I highly suggest you go back to teaching as you are so good at it 🙂

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