My boy doesn’t talk much. He’s getting better, and growing in confidence daily, but compared to any other “normal” gone-three-and-a-half-year-old, he’s pretty much non-verbal. He’s quiet, and when he *does* try to talk, it’s difficult to work out what he’s saying, either because of volume if he’s unsure, or because what he says is mostly unintelligible due to his lack of articulation. We’re working on it in weekly Speech Therapy, and it’s improving no end, but it’s still mostly guesswork based on context with him. It’s one of the more-obvious autistic characteristics he has.

Which is why my whole world stopped yesterday afternoon. It was just gone 4.30pm and I’d finally sat down after a brilliant five straight hours of Bloxham Marketing work with two amazing friends, followed by another couple of hours of intense garden work (and I live on an acreage, so before you start to laugh – to me, gardening involves taking out saplings and digging up tree stumps) and so sitting down, with my phone, and finally checking twitter for the day, was a good moment.

So I’d sent a few tweets and was in a conversation with @fionawb re her lack of communication while in the Emergency Department at Caboolture Hospital, and Miss 4 and Mr 3 were riding their bikes, when it happened. It was one of those “Did that *really* just happen??” moments, when suddenly your concept of your own daily existence smashes hard up against something completely unexpected, rocks your world, and leaves you shaking your head and questioning everything that you previously knew.

Mr 3, down on the driveway and a good 5 metres away, had been riding his tricycle. But he had stopped, faced me, and said with an audible voice from that distance away, “Mummy, I love you.”

My jaw hit the ground. I stopped breathing, and my heart skipped at least a couple of beats, I swear. I just stared at him, tears in my eyes, absolutely incredulous. My son, my boy who is only now, finally, learning to talk, told me he loved me! And said it intelligibly! Just sooooooooooo amazing and incredible and wonderful and precious.

And what was even better? Last night, when I was putting him to bed, he interspersed our usual giggles and cuddles and kisses and tickles with some more “I love you, Mummy” practising. It was an unbelievably gorgeous way to end the day!

So – just a little something that I wanted to share with you, dear readers. Here’s hoping that your day today has precious moments in it, too!

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That really is a wonderful thing to happen 🙂 I am so glad that you are able to share it with all your followers who have followed your journey with Mr 3 🙂

Thanks so much for your comments, Seanfish, and for dropping by my blog! Yes, ‘magical’ is a pretty accurate description of how everything’s been going with my boy over the last day or so. It’s just so so so so precious! And now, with all the practising he’s been doing saying it, he’s got the confidence now to have fun with it too, and he’s letting his cheeky personality emerge and have fun with the words too – which is even more special! Hearing his chortle as he intentionally says it in different tones of voice etc to hear how it sounds – it’s just absolutely GORGEOUS! 😀

HI Ceridwyn,

Your post encourage me so much. I (we) admire your and Ian for the Hard and Consistent work you are both doing. What a great joy this time was for you – even brought tears to our eyes. We payer for you both daily. Blessing and love from us both xxoo Stephen and Wendy

Wendy, thank you for being such a consistent source of strength and encouragement to me – and to Ian, too. Thank you ever so much for your comments! I love being able to share these daily moments of mine, with you. Thank you for your prayers – they mean more to me than you realise. Blessings and love to you and to Steve as well. xx Ceridwyn

Thanks, @girlwithshoes – yes, it truly, truly, truly was!!! 😀 Oh, and thank you for being one of those strong silent types who are so invaluable and dependable!
I must admit, it’s great to ‘hear’ from you – I’ve missed you on twitter of late… 🙁 I hope everything’s going well for you? I’m going to NLS in Feb – are you? Will we maybe meet IRL??! :O

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