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Back of a bus…

Check this out – what a COOL ad is this, hey?!! Congrats to Tony Wilson and the QUT marketing team for this one!

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Love it. But…How you take that photo…while driving????

Lots of hugs from us both


Hahahahahaha!!! Yes, perhaps I should have clarified this in the post – no, I didn’t take the photo while the car was moving! I do crazy things (you know me!) but generally not quite *that* crazy!!!
I was stopped in the carpark of one of my clients, and the bus was just ahead of me. If you look closely, you can just see the edge of the traffic lights top right of the bus. The bus was in the right hand lane at the front of the queue, while I was in the left lane, second car back. (You can actually see the reflection of the red light in the bus window LOL – there’s my proof!!!!! Plus I’ve just noticed that the car in front of me is also reflected on the side of the bus too! I guess it was a pretty clean bus! And a pretty good photo from my iPhone too, I must admit… LOL)

Thanks for the smile – and for looking out for me, Wendy! Hugs to you and Steve. 🙂

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