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I blogged last week about @fionawb. Well, in our catchup last Thursday, we realised that we would both be attending Balls on Saturday night just gone – she to the Caboolture Hospital do, me to the St James Lutheran ZehnBall in Hervey Bay.

Saturday then became a day of to be remembered! I had been trying to organise an UpStyle for a couple of days, however with the Torbanlea Races, the Xavier Ball and the Star of the Sea ball ALL on Saturday, getting an appointment had been impossible. Even the incredible Jenny Venier had been trying for me, without any success (she tried at least a dozen!) because everyone was just so busy. So early Saturday morning, I received an email with the number of yet another salon to try. And, of course, they were booked out, but they suggested yet another place – Summer Jade, in Pialba – which I called at 9.49am.

They said that yes, if I could be there by 1pm, they could squeeze me in. And here’s me, on the Sunshine Coast, a good 3 hours drive away, not even packed!!! I said ‘yes’ as quickly as I could, threw some clothes in a bag, kissed the kids and Hubby and ran out the door. Jumped in the car, started speeding away – and had gotten 8 k or so when I realised that I’d left the dress at home. Arrggh!!! Screaming u turn (yes, I *did* contemplate just buying another dress up there in Hervey Bay, but quickly killed that idea off as divorce-worthy when Hubby found out) and I was on my way home again, calling mum (who was staying to mind the kids) and getting her to get the dress and wait out by the gate for me.

On my way once again, it was now 10.24am and I knew that I wouldn’t make it by 1pm. So this time I did *not* stop to tweet what an idiot I had been (Ghylene, are you reading this?! LOL) and just drove. Fast. Very fast.

The girl in the salon had asked me to call her at midday, and just let her know how far away I was. I called her at 12.03 and said “yes, I’m coming as quickly as I can! According to my iPhone, I’m 65 km away and it should take me 57 minutes to get there!” I think she was rather surprised at my intensity – but that was because I’d just seen roadworks up ahead. She told me to ‘not speed’ (Ha! I’m quite a lead foot…) and I continued my nervous, excited, “I hope I get there!!!” race.

The minutes ticked away; I got closer. And I refreshed my iPhone maps and realised that I might make it after all. In fact, I probably *would* make it after all. In fact, that I would probably make it with a minute or two to spare! LOL! By now, it was 12.45 and I was about 10 minutes away.

So now my attention turned to the directions, seeing as I’d never been there before. And then my phone died – I’d forgotten to charge it before I left, and for some reason the car charger seems to have disappeared…

Long story short, yes, I made it. And was up styled, and then made it to the Silver Sands Apartments (via Subway, because by now it was well past 2 and I hadn’t eaten since 6.30am) and got to sit. And tweet. And laugh at all the #rollonourballs tweets that @fionawb was sending!

6pm arrived before I knew it and it was time to frock up and head out. Like any good girl, I had planned on visiting the bathroom prior to leaving, however that was curtailed when I opened the door and discovered my visitor!

Quick phonecall to management, and a quick decision to ‘visit the ladies when I got there’ and I was off.

And the ball was a blast!!!!!

(Me – after. – Yeah, I know. I’m awful at talking selfies… but  LOOK!!! I have CURLY HAIR!!!!!)

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