Life Random thoughts


There’s a small, hard bump under the skin on my eye-ridge, right near the bridge of my nose. There’s another, identical, lump, on the other eye-ridge. These are the points from which the pain radiates. Out across my forehead, and over my scalp, to meet in a large ball of pain at the base of my neck. Down across my cheekbones to throb incessantly.

And when I say ‘pain’, it’s manageable at the moment, now I’ve just woken up from yet another interrupted night’s sleep – but add three children and a Hubby into the mix in an hour or so, and I have a feeling that I’m not going to be the happiest of chappies. And Mr 3 will also be cranky, I expect – he joined me in our nighttime wakefulness. He louder than me (by about a billion decibels) so here’s hoping – but not expecting – that Hubby won’t be too cranky about that one!

I feel for Mr 3 though. If I feel this rotten, and if he has what I have, no wonder he’s so upset with life. I certainly haven’t relished the constant swings from freezing skin to sweating-through-my-clothes, nor the dizziness that comes with sudden movement, nor the sensitivity to noise. I don’t really like the tender ribs and diaphragm from the constant coughing, nor the rapidity at which I’m going through both tissue boxes and, so it seems, the skin under my nose, which in itself is now a rather unattractive deep pink hue.

So all in all, I think I’m going to call it. I’m infectious. LOL. As in, I’m going to self-diagnose a sinus infection, and probably a lung one as well. And yeh, I’ll probably give in and drag myself (with Miss 4 and Mr 3 of course) to the doctor for some antibiotics. Because (with the exception of that strange nausea day a couple of weeks ago) I haven’t been this sick in years. And I haven’t had antibiotics since Miss 7 was still in nappies. So hopefully they’re going to do the trick! At least, I’l be praying that they do, because I don’t know how much more of this I can take!