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On classroom dynamics

So I was a classroom teacher for quite a lot of my career to date. Don’t actually want to count the years, but it was getting up around the 2 decade mark… That’s a bit scary to admit! But anyway, the point I trying to make in my long-winded, English teacher-y way is that a lot of that time, I was interested in the classroom dynamics, and how they’d often shift and change depending on the circumstances and personal growth of the members of the group. It was really quite fascinating to see how a group of unruly, ‘push the boundaries’ year 9 boys would change, at times quickly, another times more slowly, depending on who entered the group, who left, how they interacted with each other, and how they worked for (or didn’t work for, in some cases) the different teachers at the front of the classroom. Yes, classroom dynamics… A fascinating study.
I was thinking about that just this morning, as the dynamics of my household has changed since yesterday morning. This morning, Miss 7 is home; her first day of holidays. (Today is ‘Parent-Teacher interview day at her school.) So Hubby has gone to work, the kids have been fed, and now, with no extremely urgent deadlines (not til midday) I find myself back under my doona, checking twitter and posting for #blogjune on my iPhone, because Miss7 is occupying Mr3 in a two player PS2 game for an hour. She’s stoked, he’s stoked, and I get to relax for a bit (I’ve actually been up working on a St James ad since 5, so I’m not *completely* lazy!) and this is only possible due to the dynamics shift. Cool. Very cool.
Anyway, Miss 4 has now found me and this has inspired her to beg for Hide and Seek, so it looks as though my blog entry for today is over.
Have a great day, dear readers!

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Ahh – my life! Except I have children. We are about to go for our 2 week end of term holidays here in Australia. I am actually looking forward to not doing the school run and not having to hunt down lost shoes, hats etc. The other thing I’ve noticed that really changes dynamics is to either have one child “removed” (playmate) or more children added to the mix. I actually find it easier to have 3 or 4 extra children on top of the usual 6 than not, as the dynamics change, they amuse themselves in different ways, re-discover toys that their friends find interesting.

Did I read that right? You have SIX children?!! Wow! Kudos to you!!! I find three quite enough. (Especially with Mr 3’s autism…) And yes, I’m in Australia too – hence the dynamics changing today (first day of holidays).
Thanks for your comments – and have a wonderful holiday!

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