Random thoughts Work


The past couple of nights I’ve had around 6 hours sleep (each night) and I am feeling SO much more refreshed each morning! Yeah, I know, 6 hours isn’t enough – but I actually tried last night to get more, but my body wouldn’t let me – I was wide awake at 4.41 and itching to get up and start my day. But I’m sure that my body will get ‘into the habit’ of having more sleep again… hopefully soon!
On a different note, it got me thinking about ‘habits’, which ones we deliberately try to cultivate, and the types of habits that just accumulate in our lives, so slowly that we don’t even notice that they’re forming until they’re rock solid and difficult to move.
Insomnia is a medical condition which I often say that I have. I don’t know if that’s actually true or not, as I’ve never been medically diagnosed with it. Maybe it’s just a habit I’ve formed. I just seem to have lots to get done during the day, and so am up late at night. Or instead, I’ll get up early the following morning, or at other times I’ll wake up during the night, work for a few hours, then go back to bed again. I don’t know if that’s insomnia or not. But I just know that it’s pointless to lie in bed when my brain is racing, planning how to tackle all ‘the things that need to be done’. If I get up, write them down (or actually start working on them) then my brain shuts up quicker and I can get back to sleep. Sound familiar? Or is that just me?
Other ‘habits’ that I know I should probably do something about? Sarcasm. Negativity. Perfectionism. Procrastination. But I’m going to indulge in some of that last one now, and leave dealing with the others until another blog post. LOL!
Have a great day, readers!