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The perfect Mother’s Day present

I know, it’s been a while. Hectic doesn’t even begin to describe it! But today I just *had* to stop and share this one with you, dear readers.

You see, I’ve been having Mother’s Days for several years now. My first was pretty special. Hubby splashed out and I received a beautiful (and expensive!) necklace and earrings. Since then, gifts have ranged from the ‘that’s lovely’ to the ‘hmmm… I guess he’s been busy?!’ but this year, Miss 7 was there to egg him on, and to think, really think, about what I would like.

And he got it right! The perfect gift! (And I made sure I gave lots and lots of positive feedback, so I get the same next year…)

One packet from each of out three cherubs! That should keep me going for a while…