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Stuff I dislike…

Yesterday’s post was provoked by Hubby’s comment on Gold Lotto. And it got me thinking about how I am incredibly in love with my job. And I’m immensely grateful that I’m in such a place where I can do what I do. So I had sat down to write today’s blog post with this in mind, to list all the stuff that I’m grateful for in my life. But, as I’m mindful of the fact that you, dear readers, are probably getting sick of reading the same sort of things, I thought I’d write instead about stuff I dislike. So here goes:

1. Housecleaning. In particular, the stove and the oven. And the toilet. And the bathroom. And the floors. And really, anything that requires cleaning.
2. Cooking. I’m not a good cook, and I have pretty much zero interest in bettering myself in this area.
3. Repeating myself. I’ll do it, but I hate it. I really really really hate it. Yes, I nag – especially my kids, and probably on a daily basis. But I don’t like doing so.
4. Smelly dogs. Especially when Hubby comes home from fishing, and the dogs find his bait and roll in it.
5. Mosquitoes. Here, at home, we live in a mozzie colony. It’s not so bad now that the cold weather’s coming, but in the summer months it’s pretty horrific. Especially seeing as Mr 3 smells delicious to them – he’s the mozzie magnet in our family, and as he’s too young to control his scratching, each bite swells up ten times its size.
6. Leaks in taps. Really? Yes. We don’t get town water. Our whole street is on bore water, and we use tanks for drinking water. Which is fine when we’ve had a heap of water, as in recently. But when we’re in drought, and somebody accidentally leaves a tap running, thinking that it’s off, we run the bore dry. And this then not only has ramifications for our poor old bore pump, but it also means that we have to rely on tank water until the bore fills again. And if it’s drought conditions, and our tanks are low, then… well, you get the picture. Water’s precious. Especially when you don’t have town water to rely on!
7. Child care fees. This one’s probably universally hated, right?!

Okay, so that’s probably my top 7. I know, I know. I’ll click “Publish” and then think of a dozen more! But 7 will do, I think…!

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