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A huge week, but a great one!

Saturday morning again. Housework (mostly) done, and it’s time to reflect on the week-that-was.

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

I love this shot. Even though I rarely drink caffeine (I’ve got enough adrenalin in my system already – I seriously do NOT need help with that at all!) I relish the smell of caffeine, and to me a good cuppa always signals time to stop. Relax, and reflect. (Plus, the shadow effect making the handle into the love heart is also pretty cool!)

So – this week. It was a bit of a tweeting week this week – I think I tweeted more this week then I have any other week. Ever! I guess the week itself was rather unusual, too.

Monday was my Term One Hervey Bay day. I left home at 5.30am but didn’t arrive at McTaggarts the printers until 8.30 due to roadworks. Then it was off to St James Lutheran College, which employs me as their marketing consultant, for meetings with the Principal, a working lunch with the Business Manager, the DP and Library Aide who looks after most of the College photography, before heading out and meeting with Sabene (sales lady at the Hervey Bay Independent newspaper), Greg (sales at WIN TV) and Matthew (sales at Channel 7). Phew! and another almost-three-hour drive brought me home again.

Tuesday saw me in the car again – but only to go to Speech Therapy – because I had planned a huge day of busyness on Wednesday. Unfortunately, Mr 2’s screaming in agony from 3am Wednesday morning negated all my plans, and we dealt with his wry neck instead. Then it was ‘try-to-play-catch-up’ time all afternoon / evening.

Thursday and Friday were conference days. And if you follow me on twitter at all, then either my @KRidwyn account or my @BloxhamMkting account would have spammed your tweet stream horrendously, and you would have known exactly what I was up to, who I was listening to, and what they were saying. And if you don’t then perhaps you were lucky! (Unless, of course, you were interested in what cool Apps I was discovering, in which case, you might want to follow me!)

And that brings me to this morning. Saturday again. And it’s not yet midday and I’ve mostly caught up on the housework – yay for the rest of the day!!!

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Oh – and one more thing… the highlight of my week… the amazing Greg O’Connor from Spectronics NOT ONLY used a screenshot of Hmmm… (as in, my humble blog that you’re currently reading) in his presentation yesterday – but @Spectronics also included my @KRidwyn account in a #FF tweet. How COOL is that!!!