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I’m choosing joy. You?

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

I have this poem on the wall next to my bed, with the idea that I’ll read it each day. A control freak like me needs something like this!

“What I can control”

I cannot control…

the length of my life, but

I can control its width and depth.

I cannot control…

the contour of my countenance, but

I can control its width and expression.

I cannot control…

another’s anoying habits, but

I can control my own.

I cannot control…

the distance my head is above the ground, but

I can control the height of the contents I feed into it.

Please God,

help me to do something about what I can control,

and leave all else in Your hands today.

I am an optimist. And I like that about myself.

I would prefer to see the good in any situation, rather than the bad.

Today, in my attitude, I plan on choosing joy. I can control at least that much.

What’s your choice today?