#blog12daysxmas Random thoughts

On the curvature of laces…

I planned this post yesterday. Took the photo and everything. But time got away, so I find myself (yet again) posting a day late. Whoops!

In the Boxing Day sales, I bought myself a new pair of sneakers. I’m not really one for shoes, but my old pair had just passed the ‘starting to break’ mark, so figured that now was as good a time as any to replace them. So yesterday morning I took off the tags and started ‘fixing’ the laces. Which led me to ruminations on why it was I do that.

Why do I change the laces from the way that they do them in the shop? What is it about criss-crossed laces that annoys me? Why am I more comfortable when they are straight across the top? Is it just that a straight-laced shoe is how I was *taught* to lace ┬ámy shoes by my father, oh so many years ago now? Is that why I feel that a ‘straight-lace’ is correct, and a ‘criss-cross lace’ is indicative of an *inferior mind* (a concept that was caught via paternal osmosis, I’m convinced!)

So I straight-laced one shoe, and took my photo, whilst reflecting on the period when, as a teenager, I deliberately criss-crossed my shoelaces, just to annoy my father. Thought I was being such a rebel! (What a laugh!)

Left shoe – as it came from the shop (yes, it DOES say ‘Target’ inside. Said I wasn’t big on shoe-buying!) and Right shoe after I had *fixed* it. And then started to wonder where that phrase “straight-laced” even came from. Subject for my Day 4 #blog12daysxmas post, I think! (Which, seeing as it’s the fourth day of Christmas today, I intend to post this afternoon…!)