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Stuff ‘n’ all…

I knew that I’d missed a post or two on #blogjune, due to busyness, illness, and just general other stuff. I just didn’t realise that my last post was June 8!

So. To some stuff that I feel like sharing today.

I am ill. I feel like death warmed up. But on the up-side, I only have two Uni assignments left to submit.

I am sick of typing on my gorgeous new Macbook Pro. I guess it is possible to get too much of a good thing. Especially when it’s being used for never-ending assignments that I’m kinda over.

Hubby and I took our three children down to St Paul’s Church this morning. First time that it wasn’t a “School Sunday” (as in, expected due to Miss 6’s participation in a performance). It went well. Highlight: Master Two (loud voice) “Mar-mee!” followed by running up to me for a hug from 10 metres away. He only learned to say it yesterday.

Miss 6 is perilously close to losing her first tooth. Finally.

The “recommended” shoes to fit Miss 6’s orthotics are $80 at Athlete’s foot, but only $50 at the recommended shoe shop in Brisbane. Not to self: GO THERE NEXT TIME YOU IDIOT!!!!!

Hmmmm… and now back to that assignment…

(Oh, and a PS… I got a Distinction for INN331. SOOOO stoked!!)

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WOOT good job Ceridwyn! I choked on that assignment and fell 4% short of a distinction. I have greater expectations for the other two.
I’m totally with you on the sick of typing on my Mac. I love my mac but it’s been a bit much. Thank goodness for #blogjune or I’d hate it altogether. I need to get some more memory because it can’t handle so many tabs and pdf’s and word docs open all at once…
Feel better soon! If you want a dose of cute, I talked about penguins yesterday on my blog.

Thanks, Julia! I was pretty stoked. 4% isn’t far off, though – don’t be too disappointed! (I always get to that final assignment and start quoting the mantra from by B.Ed. – all those years ago “P’s mean degrees”!)

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