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Countdowns are so exciting, aren’t they?!!

I feel a little like Big Kev. I’m so excited, I swear little bits of me are actually escaping out of my skin. The reason, you ask? I’m SOOOO close to re-joining the world of the internet-capable computer owner again, I can just about taste it! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so when I last blogged, I was computerless and jobless. Using hubby’s computer to bemoan my lack of money, my mounting credit card bills and my growing concern over the increasing intensity of demand letters over my past-due bills (boy, they can get rather stroppy, can’t they?!!)

Since then, I’ve got myself a job. Was getting absolutely nowhere with gaining paid employment the ‘traditional’ way, so I mustered as much courage as I could, found a niche that needed filling, went and pitched my proposal to the boss, and he agreed to pay me for the service I was offering. Yay! So now I can say that I’m ranked among the ’employed’ again! I oversee the marketing for St Paul’s Lutheran Primary School, Caboolture. So I’m pretty stoked, and my first pay will go towards purchasing myself my very OWN laptop! Yay!!! So I have around two weeks to decide what I want and where to get it from. I’m actually leaning towards getting a Mac. Never had one before, but I keep hearing good things.

What would YOU recommend?

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Congrats on the job! Kirk just bought a Mac and he said “do it!”. He really loves it, although you have to work around any Publisher files. He just saves them as PDF before putting them over to his MAC at the moment until he has time to find a better solution.

Hey – thanks for the comment! (I was wondering how many readers I would still have on my blog, seeing as I haven’t posted in what feels like absolutely AGES!) So you’d agree with a Mac then? It’s a better option, huh?

I’m hoping so. Although I’m a little hesitant about how long it might take the rest of the world to catch up. I think I’ve heard somewhere that it’s easier as a student at QUT if you DON’T have a Mac? I can’t remember why – something to do with Blackboard? Or was it uploading assignments or something? I wish I could remember now!

HOORAY!!! In awe of your bravado right now and a bit nervous as I have well and truly lost the plot with the traditional method of job hunting and could just about throw my computer at the wall and howl, so it feels like your blog was timed as a bit of a challenge to me to try different routes! I feel so much better just knowing you have found something, so that’s a start!

I am VERY keen to get a Mac but have to wait for a job before I can get one >sigh< I've heard so much good stuff about them in education – another teacher on my FB has been posting updates from an Apple educators conference in Singapore – it feels like they really pitch to the educational market.

Not sure about where to get it but I often browse the options in JB Hi Fi and they sometimes put them on special. You can also get a discount on Macs if you work in education but I'm not sure if that's only for Education Qld employees or if you can just flash your QCT rego??

Let me know which one you go for!

Hey thanks so much, Renee! And you can do it, I know you can. (You don’t have those awesome persuasive ‘speaking’ skills for nothing, you know!?!)

Thanks too for the leads, in JB Hi-Fi and the possible discount for teachers. Will definitely keep you posted on what I end up with.
SOOOOOOOO excited… one day closer!!!

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