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Okay… this is a little strange…

I blogged last week about how I felt when I had graduated but not yet started working. Restless; a bundle of nervous energy. That story had a good ending though. I applied for, and was given, the perfect job.

I find myself in the same situation now. In December last year, I thanked my two emplyers (Coolum Beach Christian College and Glasshouse Country Christian College) profusely, and resigned. My intention was to have just the one employer in 2011, working either part-time (my preferred option, seeing as I wanted to complete as much of the M.IT that I could this year) or full-time. Teaching, or Library work… it did’t really worry me.

But here I am. School’s been back for two days, and I’m at home. ‘Unemployed’. Hmmm…! And it’s not as if I’ve been sitting on my behind doing nothing; I’ve been applying left, right and centre! Was interviewed yesterday by ‘SmartTeachers‘, a company that sources teachers for Private Schools. Even they said that there are no jobs available. So where does that leave me? Restless! And full of nervous energy! I need a job! And because I’ve been without a paycheck since early December and the bills are starting to pile up in a very threatening manner, I need a full-time job… now!

It’s 9.47am. I’ve cleaned and vaccuumed my entire house, baked a cake and transferred the rest of my delectable home-made vanilla slice into containers, done a couple of loads of washing, picked up what feels like several truckloads of toys. All of which is great, but I need to do something which pays…

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Smart Teachers??? Boo!! Hissss!! Dealt with them when I first got back from the UK and can’t stand them – they string you along and they lie and they don’t seem to have a CLUE about how schools operate. Despite this, I foolishly responded to one of their ads for TLs a while back and got a one line email: “Get back to us when you’re qualified”. I was halfway through the Masters at that stage, had already worked full time as a TL AND knew of many, many others who had secured positions before the end of their TL degree. I wish the independent schools would shaft them and start using more regularly – so many NSW schools are on there (even the NSW Edu Dept) but Queensland lags behind. Teachers can upload their own profiles there too so schools can browse them – it’s a much better idea – cuts out the snooty middle man who has probably never worked in or near a school in their life.

Really? That’s interesting – I haven’t come across that view of them before! Thanks for letting me know!
Yes, I agree that are excellent. I’ve already got my profile on there, and have known about them / used them for years now…

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