Today I noticed how quickly it warmed up. This morning for an early meeting with a client, it was jacket weather, and Miss4 and Mr3, engrossed in ‘The Wild’ on the portable DVD player, were in jumpers and long pants. But roll on 8.45, and we were removing outer layers on the way to ‘Grandma playgroup’ and Mr 3’s last ever ECDP playgroup session. (The next two weeks I’m committed on Wednesday mornings. And no, I don’t mean the ‘mental health facility’. Although perhaps I should consider it, methinks…! But back to ‘the warmth’…)
By Speech therapy time, I was decidedly comfortable; almost ‘warm’. Man, how I love the warmer weather!
So tonight I’m out at a meeting, and I know that it’s going to be chilly again. But at least, for now, I’m warm. And I love that!!!