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Making ripples

Little ripples go a long way. Little decisions can have consequences we would never even have dreamed of.

Source: via JJ @ So Many Little Things on Pinterest

Take yesterday afternoon. Or was it the day before? Anyway, Misses 7 and 4 wanted to use their pocket money to hire the local Video 2000’s copy of the PS2 game “Up” (based on the kids’ movie) and I needed to return an overdue CD from the local library, so we all piled in the car for a quick drive to our local town. Got there and a huge sign outside Video 2000 said ‘Closing Down sale’. What a shock!
They weren’t hiring, just selling. Everything, at $10ish each.
$100 later, and the kids have PS2 games of “Up”, “Wall-E” and “Madagascar”. Hubby has 5 war flicks he’s wanted for ages. And me? Well, I’d been thinking about seeing ‘Miss Potter’ again for a while – I really liked Renee Zellweger’s portrayal of Beatrix Potter – and at just $10 I thought – why not? And, although I searched for Oscar Wilde’s ‘An Ideal Husband‘, (the Jeremy Northam version, of course! Did I mention that I REALLY liked him in ‘Emma’?!) they didn’t have it. So instead, I ended up with ‘The Jane Austen Book Club‘, which I’d never watched before on account of the probability of teasing from Hubby. Quite a decent film, now I’ve seen it!
But a simple decision, to drive into town, has now meant that not only are we considerably out of pocket for the next week-and-a-half, but time-wise, there have been a lot fewer entries on my blog as I would like… hmmm…
Oh well. Never mind. There’s always tomorrow!